Why I Went on a Diet

I know I’ve needed to go on a diet for a long time. But really, I thought I wasn’t doing too bad because I was using the same belt holes.   Well, I looked a little closer and I had busted through the holes–maybe 4 or 5 of them. The belt is one of those leather weaved mesh belts where the holes are not really holes but spots where the leather strands cross each other. My pants were a little tighter, but no big deal.

However, a couple things happened near one another and I decided to give it a go.  I now had motivation. Or maybe shame…

  1. Weighed myself and said “wow”. Was getting up there, close to my all time max.
  2. My wife was having trouble sleeping and she played a recording of me snoring. This was probably the final straw, but there is more.
  3. My back was hurting. I think it was due to the extra weight.
  4. When I tried to do my back exercises, my gut was in the way.

Glad to say I am not disturbing my wife’s sleep anymore.

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