What we need is a president with business experience?

I hear conservative pundits say is that we need a president with real world business experience–not a politician. Supposedly, a president with business experience will balance the budget.  When I think of presidents without a lot of “real world” business experience, I think of Obama, Clinton, Bush I, Reagan, Gerald Ford, Nixon, LBJ, Kennedy, and Eisenhower. When I think of presidents with business experience I think of Bush II, and Carter.

I suppose you could quibble over Reagan…but I don’t necessarily think that acting and being president of the screen actor’s guild (union) really makes him a businessman.

Of all the recent presidents, the one with the least non-governmental experience is Bill Clinton.  Yet, the defecits and national debt were decreased under his watch.  When Clinton took office we had a surplus, and then Bush increased the defecit more than any other president before him.  As far as presidents that conservatives think is the worst ever, Jimmy Carter ranks up there.  So, I wonder why conservatives think having a business person would be a good idea?

Donald Trump has thrown his hat into the ring as a conservative presidential candidate.  Would that be a good idea?  I don’t think so.  How many times has Trump or Trump controlled businesses filed for bankruptcy? He has made himself a lot of money, but I’m not sure that he really is a good businessman.  He might be good at selling himself, but I’m not sure he would make a good president.  I have a hunch he would be a horrible president because he always gives me the impression that he thinks everything is simple.

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