What I think of church names…

Driving through town, I see interesting church names.  Some of them crack me up…

Believer’s Church — ok, so everyone who doesn’t go there is not a “believer”?

Real Church — so, if you don’t go there you’re not real?

Guts Church — so, if you don’t go there you don’t have any guts? (Or, you just don’t want to be around biker types and a pastor who screams and a heavy metal praise band?)

Anthem Church — is this a church dedicated to Ayn Rand? I wouldn’t be surprised if a fundagelical church in the Bible Belt did that.

Audacity Chruch — what, is this named after “The Audacity of Hope” by Obama?

Cowboy Church — but I don’t have a horse! (As a side-note, at the last middling snow storm, they cancelled.  They evidently never heard of the phrase “cowboy up!” Our parish was open that day.)

Will Rogers United Methodist Church — I thought churches were supposed to be named after holy persons?

_______ Bible Church — we are a little bit better than you because we follow the bible. (Or, do you worship it?)

St. Antony Orthodox Christian Church — my church.  Part of the overall Orthodox church.  And, yes, if you aren’t a part of the Orthodox church, you’re not orthodox. I’ll own it.

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