What I know about Mexicans, #2

Without the Mexicans in this country, we’d starve.

I don’t live in a border state, but a border state to a border state.The border of Mexico is a 700 mile drive from my house.  Yet, if I go into nearly any restaurant in this town, I will see Mexicans (and other Hispanics) as cooks, bus boys, and waiters.  Heck, even in Pei Wei, the majority of the cooks are Mexicans.  In the Braum’s by my office, it’s all Mexicans except for the the black woman manager and one white girl.  The McDonald’s by my house and the one near my office?  Mostly Mexicans.

So, you don’t go out to eat?  Who do you think picks the fruits and vegetables in your produce section.  It’s mostly Mexicans.  You like wine?  Who picks the grapes?  Mexicans.  You like juice?  Thank Mexicans.  I could go on.

Don’t believe me?  Listen to Anthony Bourdain.

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