Trump’s Nominees

As might be imagined, I don’t like a bunch of Trump’s nominees.  Some of them are OK.  For example, General Mattis for Secretary of Defense.  I have no problem of his appointment and of waiving his restriction.  Same with Kushner.  I don’t even know enough about him, but he is just being given an advisor job.  Sure, it skirts or even is nepotism…IDK.  If I was Trump, I’d just give him the job unpaid and there wouldn’t be the conflict.

However, some of Trump’s other picks are certainly right wing wet dreams.  I would phrase his picks as answers to this question, “How could I best destroy this branch of government?”

Betsy DeVos, Department of Education. Conservatives hate public education, or at least the Department of Education.  So who does Trump nominate? An avid foe of the department.  She and her children have never attended a public school or university.  What I am certain of is that she will try to get vouchers for private schools passed or done through executive power.  Basically, vouchers are tax breaks for rich people.  It’s mostly rich people who send their kids to school.  Yes, some are middle class, but it is people who have enough disposable income to send their children to private schools.

I confess that I sent my kids to private school.  My ex was a religious nut and was mortally afraid of public schools for no good reason.  There were plenty of public school teachers in her Sunday School class to quell her worries, but you can’t reason with crazy.  My kids’ former school is always sending me pleas for donations and to help get vouchers for the school.  I think that particular school, and others like it, should never have vouchers.  Why?  Because they discriminate against people–based on religion.  Many religious schools do not discriminate.  Catholics will accept evangelicals or muslims in their schools.  But, my kids’ evangelical school would accept neither catholics or anyone whose parent was not a fundamentalist evangelical christian.  I don’t think my tax dollars should be used to perpetuate discrimination.  The desire to discriminate against blacks was the reason the Moral Majority was founded.

Rick Perry, Department of Energy.  Here’s a guy who said he wanted to eliminate the entire department.  The main job of the DoE is to regulate, maintain, and store nuclear stockpiles.  In general, usually a guy with a PhD in Physics is the person that runs the department.  So, what are the credentials of Perry?  Educationally, he has a BS degree in Animal Science with a GPA of 2.something.  Go read his transcript.  He got a D in a class called “Meats”.  Maybe he can hire the right people to do the thinking for him.

Scott Pruitt, Environmental Protection Agency.  This one is sort of the scariest to me.  Pruitt is a tool of the oil and gas industry.  He will never decide in the favor or our health over polluting by the energy industry.  His record as Attorney General for Oklahoma is pretty clear:  he hates the agency and is bought by big oil and natural gas.

Ben Carson, Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Besides Trump saying that Carson is pathological, Carson just doesn’t seem to me to be the person capable of running anything.  He may be a brain surgeon, but I wouldn’t trust him for anything besides that.

Jeff Sessions, Attorney General.  He was denied to be a federal judge by Republicans more than 30 years ago because of alleged discrimination.  Now, he wants to be AG.  I worry.  However, I think some of the testimony is BS.  They have letters from famous civil rights figures, but not much in way of direct testimony.  Any testimony either way should be able to be cross examined.  That is the way it is supposed to work.  I think the fact that he is Republican and that there are fewer decent Republicans means that he will be confirmed in the nomination.

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