Trump: Destroyer or Savior?

The common wisdom is that Trump is the destroyer of the GOP.  If he is nominated, he will not win, and he is preventing a real Republican from winning.  That is what the media is reporting.  That is what Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, etc are saying.  This is what the GOP mouthpieces are saying.  Is it true?

Trump is a rich white guy.  I ask you, What is more Republican than that?  Until the religious fanatics, ideological crazies, and conservative talk radio fans took over the GOP about 25-30 years ago, the GOP was a party that was able to make bargains .  To me the guy that  typifies the new Republicans is Cruz who is both a religious fanatic and an ideological crazy.  No one likes him and he hasn’t made any deals or passed any bills in the senate.  Yeah, Goldwater was a kook, but Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Dole, Bush 1, and even Reagan were reasonable fellows who could govern and cut a deal.

So is Trump really a destroyer of the GOP, or is he bringing it back to its real roots?  During most of the 20th century, wasn’t the GOP the party of rich white guys from Wall Street?  The Democrats were for the majority of the century the poor, uneducated, racist, religious fanatics from the South–who the GOP is mainly now.

Caveat:  I won’t be voting for Trump.  I am married to a beautiful Mexican woman and I know that all Mexicans are not rapists.

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