The Obama Tape

World Nut Daily had a piece referencing Michael Savage who was questioning whether Andrew Breitbart was assassinated. What Savage posits or wonders is whether Breitbart was assassinated because of the “secret” Obama videos.  The whole video in question is available at PBS–not just the video on Breitbart and Hannity that has the “scary black man parts” edited out.

PBS has a page called The Story Behind the Obama Law School Video Speech with an attached video. In 1990 (91?), the Harvard Law School had over a 100 tenured professors.  Of those tenured professors, 5 were black and 3 were women. Professor Derrick Bell, the first tenured black professor at Harvard, thought that it was unjust that there were not any minority women tenured as professors at Harvard. As a protest against what he saw as an unjust system, he resigned and gave up his tenure and $100k+ job.  Some students at Harvard organized a rally on behalf of Professor Bell, and that is where the video was shot.

I watched the whole video. Yawn! It’s pretty boring. Obama gives an introductory speech and hugs the law professor that welcomed him to Harvard.  Evidently it is some “radical” plot.

blog entry by a friend of mine has a link to an article by some guy who went to school after Obama and never knew him. The article is in National Review and of course has snide little attempts of character assassination.  The PBS story has video of people that actually knew Obama at the time. One of those people is Brad Berenson who has bonafide conservative credentials in that he worked in the Bush administration.  About Obama, Berenson says: Obama took 10 times more grief from people on the left side of the aisle as he took from people on the right side of the aisle. Berenson, who actually knew and worked with Obama, does not paint him as some radical. But, according to the writer for NPR who didn’t know Obama, Obama was. I am sure all intelligent right wing readers will know to choose to accept the version of the man who never knew Obama over the version of the man who worked with him.

Evidently Sean Hannity devoted a show this past week to the video and all the radical elements in it. His show really must have been like when Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone’s secret vault in Chicago. They hyped the show for weeks beforehand, they tried to build up the suspense for the whole hour, and then when it was finally opened, the vault was empty. Hannity must have a brain more plagued by syphilitic cysts than Al Capone if he thinks the video showed anything more than two men hugging.

For some good laugh’s, Jon Stewart covers Sean Hannity’s coverage of the Obama tape and has his own revealing coverage about “the real” Sean Hannity. According to Hannity’s logic, you are who you like or associate with. So, if Hannity likes and associates with a known perjuror (Oliver North), likes and associates with a convicted Watergate burglar (G. Gordon Liddy), likes and associates with a man who stomped another man to death (Don King), then by his own logic, Sean Hannity is a criminal.

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  1. Crowhill says:

    I agree the video is somewhat of a yawn.

    The National Review article seemed to take the right approach, IMO. Obama was just fitting in, and there’s not much to the story.

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