The most family unfriendly channel…

The most family unfriendly channel, oddly enough, is ABC Family Channel.  Seriously.  Two of their shows, Greeks and Pretty Little Liars, are less family friendly than Two and a Half Men.  Heck, those shows might be worse than Charlie Sheen’s real life.

Pretty Little Liars follows four high school girls who, as the title suggests, have a problem with the truth.  The parents are mostly clueless and have no idea of what their children are doing.  All four girls have bad boy boyfriends–well, one of them has a bad boy girlfriend who is away at juvie.  One of the girls is dating her teacher.  All this is put forward as normal behavior.

Greeks is about sororities and fraternities–the worst about them.

Before it was ABC Family Channel, it was CBN–Christian Broadcasting Network–Pat Robertson’s network.  The most disgusting part about it is all those idiots who gave money to Pat Robertson to build CBN only to have him sell it to ABC to turn it in to what it is now.  All those blue haired grandmas gave money to Pat to build a clean network.  He took their money and turned a huge profit with it by selling it.  I can only feel a little sorry for them, though, because anybody who gives money to a televangelist is just a born sucker.

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