Shame On You Mr. Worship Leader …

Saturday I was walking home from the Honda dealership after dropping my son’s car off for some work.  It’s only about a mile from the dealership to my apartment, so I just walked it.  As I was walking home, some storefront evangelical church was having some kind of festival.  They had big blow up toys for the kids to play on and they had some rock/worship band playing.  Later on, I found from their Facebook page that they were offering free haircuts, food, etc.  It was obviously some kind of outreach program.

(I didn’t go in because I know how these things work.  They say they have “free” food, drinks, etc., etc., but it’s not really “free”.  You have to listen to them speak, and let them pretend that they are your friend.  They are all “friendly” until it’s clear you’re not buying their spiel, and then they go on to their next prospect/victim.)

So, I didn’t go in, but just walked on by.  The band was playing, and finished their set about the time I passed right in front of the storefront.  After finishing playing, the front man/worship leader had this to say:

How many are coming to church on Easter?

How many are not coming to church on Easter? Shame on you!

“Shame on you!” ??? Really?  I can’t believe he said that.  I wish I thought it was a joke, but it didn’t sound to me like it was humorously delivered.  Lots of people are carrying around shame and guilt.  They don’t need any self-righteous prick putting more on them.  It is not something Jesus would have said to a crowd he was doing outreach to.  It is howerver, something he might have said to religious leaders or a self-righteous jerk pretending to be one–but it’s not something he would have said to the common folk.

Some might think–“Oh, your’e just upset because he nailed you and you feel guilt about not attending on Easter.”  Well, that’s not the case.  This is holy week in my church and I plan on attending about half a dozen times and I will be there for our Easter/Pascha service when it starts at 1030pm Saturday night and finishes up about 1:30am Sunday morning.

I’m mad because this jerk was so stupidly self righteous.  I know doctors and nurses.  Sometimes they can’t attend because they have patients to attend to.  Of course, the Pharisee would say they can be healed the six other days and not the Sabbath (or Easter).  There are people who also work who have jobs that require them to work.

Now, it’s my turn to be totally judgmental…not like it hasn’t happened before…

The worship leader looked like a latte sipping, i-phone using, consumer driven sheep of the American culture.  But, to camouflage himself as not being like the rest of sinners, he probably has a fish sticker on his car.  I’m wondering if he buys a coffee on his way to church making it necessary for the people working at the coffee shop to have to work on Sunday?  Does he buy donuts for his Sunday School class on his way to church making it necessary for donut shop employees to work on Sunday? Does he buy gas on Sunday, making it necessary for the employees of the filling station to have to work on Sunday?  Does he go out to lunch/brunch on Sunday making it necessary for those folks to work?  Does he buy groceries on Sunday?  Did he realize all this stuff, when he said “Shame on you”?  If all the “Christians” didn’t buy stuff on Sunday, it might not be so profitable for owners to stay open on Sunday.  Does it ever occur to most Christians that the owners just might decide to close on Sunday so that their employees would be able to go to church?

All I can say is, Mr. Worship Leader, Shame on YOU!

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  1. Crowhill says:

    Well, I think “shame on you” is appropriate for some people. The problem is that it’s not appropriate for everybody, so it’s not the sort of thing you should say publicly to a diverse crowd.

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