Rush Limbaugh is a Cancer

First, Rush was born in January, so his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

When I mean he is a cancer, I mean it as the third definition as defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary: “something evil or malignant that spreads destructively.”

I had the misfortune of listening to him on the radio today after a dental appointment.  I had heard that on his show yesterday that the reason he gave for NASCAR fans booing the First Lady on Sunday was that the First Lady is “uppity”–you know, like an “uppity n*gger” as the saying goes.  In the Jim Crow South, being “uppity” could be a capital crime with the sentence being carried out by a lynch mob.

So, he was on the station I listen to for traffic in the morning, and I decided to give him a long listen to give him a chance.  I’m sorry to say that he is a cancer.

When I was first listening today (Nov. 22, 2011), he was speaking about an article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), “Countdown To A Food Coma“.  Evidently, according to Limbaugh, scientists and the liberal media want to take the joy out of Thanksgiving.  In what universe is the Rupert Murdoch owned WSJ part of the liberal media?  In what universe are Danish scientists getting the WSJ to publish information from one of their studies just before Thanksgiving?  I would be surprised to learn if Danish scientists even knew about our holiday since I don’t know about any of theirs–except for what I assume about Christmas, New Years, and Easter. Conservatives and right wingers sometimes get labeled “anti-science.”  It’s probably not completely fair, but if you want evidence for that, just listen to Limbaugh’s program today.  Besides trying to make scientists the bad guy for the WSJ article, he just gives off a vibe that scientists are stupid and untrustworthy.  Of course, he wants you to think he is completely trustworthy because he is “99.6% right.”

Yesterday, I read about Newt Gingrich lamenting about how he thought the media was attacking his wife.  I agreed with Newt on that point and his thoughts that “there’s a general principle of spouses being fairly out of bounds, and people not taking shots.”  During today’s program Limbaugh was going after the First Lady and calling her “Moochelle”–which is not the first time he has called her that.  During the Clinton administration, Limbaugh made derogatory comments about the appearance of Chelsea Clinton.  What kind of a man makes those kinds of attacks against a 13-year old girl?  Only a cancer does that.

During Rush’s broadcast he said the President is a narcissist.  Really?  Does it take one to know one?  Who calls himself “The Great One”? Who is “99.6% right”?  Who has been married four times?  I don’t see anything in Obama that makes me think he is a narcissist–or at least not any more of a narcissist than Limbaugh.

Lastly, he is just a big fat liar as Al Franken wrote about. In today’s program, he said the president doesn’t want anybody to have to pay for college, a house, or a car so that they will vote for him.  Sure, there is talk about possibly forgiving student loans going around, but there is no talk about everyone getting a free house and a car.  He’s just a liar–and a cancer.

To be a cancer, you have to spread. With his huge listenership, his views get spread about.  He has also reproduced: Hannity, Savage, and Boortz are some that took a lesson from the Limbaugh playbook and are spreading the lies and hate.  It is truly sickening.


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