Quotes over the weekend…

Ted Koppel (on Meet the Press):  “David, it’s not only that.  Think about this.  Newt Gingrich was taking a more pro-Israeli position than any recent Israeli prime minister. There’s hardly any leader in Israel today who would align himself or herself with the position that Gingrich took last night.”  After seeing Newt campaigning last week, I was wondering whether he is running for POTUS or for the next Prime Minister of Israel.

Andy Dean (right wing radio host): “Obama is out of control.” Other right wing pundits have been saying Obama is lame and hasn’t got anything done, and this one says he’s out of control.  Ok, which is it?  You can’t have both, and you’ll probably get in trouble for saying, “He’s black, we don’t like him.”

On Family Guy, Stewie Griffin after being in a car wreck and getting knitting needles pushed through his ears says:  “No worries. Now I can work at Hot Topic and make people sick as I ring up their purchases.”  Have you ever seen the freaks working there?

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