Poll: Most Egyptians Want Quran As Source Of Laws

As something of little surprise, most Eqyptians want the Quran as the source of their laws.  I’m sure the folks at Fox News are foaming at the mouth over this, but is this any surprise?  What does it really mean?

For instance…

I bet a poll of Americans might say that a majority want the Bible as the source of their laws…especially if you phrase the question the right way.  But what do they mean by that?  I bet they mean that there should be laws against stealing, murder, and laws for protecting citizens and private property.  In theory, the USA is a majority Christian nation and the Bible is the holy book, and most people want laws based on their holy books.

Do Americans think Buddhists or Hindus should be killed for practicing their religion?  I would say the vast majority do not–they uphold the separation of church and state.  But, if you want to base your laws on the Bible, a case could be made that Buddhists and Hindus should be put to death.  A case could be made that adulterers and divorcees should be put to death by stoning.  A case could be made that if a man rapes an woman in her home, she should be put to death–but if it happens out in the country, then she should live and he should either pay a fine to her father or marry her.  If you want to base your laws strictly on the Bible, those are things you could come up with.

But, most Americans who say they favor having the Bible as the source of their laws probably don’t want to follow it too literally or strictly.

And, I bet if you ask most Egyptians how strictly or literally they want to follow the Quran as their system of law, I bet they would not be so strict either.

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