Not Voting For President

I am not casting a vote for Trump, Hillary, Johnson, or Stein.  If there is a spot to write in a candidate, I will put in Bernie, but otherwise, I am not casting a vote for any of these unqualified people.

I do not live in a battleground state, so I can afford to take this stance.  My state will go to Trump.  Of that, I have no doubt. If I had to make a choice for Trump or Hillary, I might hold my nose and vote for Hillary. But, since my vote won’t effect the electoral college, it doesn’t matter.

Trump is not even remotely qualified.  He was able to tap into the anger of the Republican base and that’s why he’s their candidate. He is basically a confidence man and self promoter.  I think of him as an orange Kardashian.  His business success is mostly a myth.  Ask his investors if they would invest again…  I am married to a Mexican…as if I would even consider voting for him based on what he has said.  Trump is a total piece of shit.

Hillary could have been qualified, but she disqualified herself with her mistreatment of classified information.  I had jobs where I had to safeguard classified information.  If I had done what she had done, I would have at minimum lost my job and had my security clearance taken away forever.  More than likely I would face prison time and huge fine.  My career as a DoD employee would have been over.

Gary Johnson is a joke.  He’s qualified to be my weed dealer–if I smoked, which I don’t.  He seems to lack the knowledge of world events needed to be president.

Jill Stein is qualified to run for town council which is the only elected office she has held.

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