My Thoughts on Trump’s Attack on Syria

  1. I won’t say whether it was wise or not. Honestly, time will tell.

    But questions to ask are…

    1) On what Intel did he base making the attacks? He said our intelligence agencies are crap and corrupt. Did he watch Hannity and decide? Sure, people were gassed we think. But, how do we know Assad did it?

    2) As for Assad, my Patriarch thinks he is the lesser of the other evils, so I go with him. The devil you know… There aren’t any good guys over there to support. When the revolution broke out, the “good guys” (not ISIS) were looting churches with big smiles on their faces.

    3) Trump gave the Russians a heads up of 60-90 minutes. I don’t necessarily object to that and it could help avoid escalation. But, Why were Russian troops on a base that supposedly had chemical weapons on it?

    4) Did Trump or any of his family or cronies buy long on Raytheon stock? It went up. They produce the Tomahawks. The Navy will have to buy some more to replace them.

    5) What’s Trump going to shoot this weekend? Sub 100? Sub 90?

    $60 million isn’t too much–the same cost as just a few weekends for the taxpayers to pay for him to be at Mar-a-Lago…

    6) Are we saying Assad can kill as many of his people as he wants as long as he doesn’t use chemical weapons?

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