My Thoughts on the “Witch Hunt”

Sigh…. IIRC, Robert Mueller was tasked by Rod Rosenstein to investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Rosenstein has been a US attorney in the DOJ for a very long . Before Rosenstein tasked Mueller, Rosenstein was appointed Deputy AG by Trump and was confirmed by the majority Republican Senate.

So, Mueller was tasked by someone in Trump’s DOJ (not Obama’s) and the person that appointed Mueller was appointed by Trump and confirmed by Trump’s political party.

So much for a witch hunt unless you are an insufferable whiner.

Mueller did what investigators do. You see a loose thread, and you pull it. As you pull it, the fabric starts to unravel. Even before Mueller was tasked, it was revealed that Flynn, Trump’s national security advisor, was an agent of the Turkish government. As things went along, it was revealed that Manafort was a Russian agent. It was revealed that Don Jr. took a meeting with a Russian agent in Trump tower–even though the Trumps insisted no one for their campaign had any contact with Russians. It’s sort of laughable because Trump has had all sorts of contacts with many Russians because of his business dealings.

After all was said and done, 34 “witches” were indicted and 199 charges were made. Indictments were made against Roger Stone (campaign official), Michael Cohen (Trump attorney/fixer), Paul Manafort (Trump campaign manager), George Papadopoulos (campaign aide), Michael Flynn (former national security adviser–and rumored to take plea to save son), Rick Gates (Trump campaign aide), Alex van der Zwaan (attorney and associate of Manafort and Gates), Richard Pinedo (identity fraud and trading in stolen ban numbers), Konstantin Kilimnik (Russian agent working with Manafort and Gates), 12 Russian nationals accused of hacking DNC computers, 13 Russian nationals working for Internet Research Agency (conspiracy to defraud the USA because of election hacking and identity/wire theft).

Mueller was a decorated Viet Nam combat veteran and former head of the FBI under Bush and Obama (basically two terms of Bush, and first term of Obama) Mueller was a Republican but was known to be non-partisan. He had a good reputation although the lying sacks of shit in the white House and Fox News tried to smear him.

Now, if you want to talk about a witch hunt, we can talk about Whitewater. A Savings and Loan failed in 1989 after being in trouble for nearly a decade. The investigator was Ken Starr who leaked like a sieve. In pursuit of the Whitewater investigation, eventually Monica Lewinsky was brought in to testify about Clinton. Lewinsky was what, maybe 13-14 years old, when Whitewater went belly up? So, Bill Clinton’s sex life 8 years after the failing of a savings and loan has what to do with the failure of that savings and loan? Ultimately, Clinton was impeached but not found guilty/removed from office.

God knows who you are who basically said “release the Kraken” against Clinton after a 6 year investigation, and those who are whining against a less than 2 year investigation against Trump where his campaign manager was a Russian agent, his security advisor was an agent of Turkey, and his campaign manager was a Russian agent. And, it is rumored that God knows what Jared and Ivanka are talking to the Saudis about on their unsecure celll phones doing gov’t business.

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