Media Coverage of Occupy Wall Street

It’s interesting to hear media coverage of OWS.  MSNBC gets the most cogent speakers and lets them talk about it.  Fox finds the biggest idiot and lets him bloviate.  The rest of them are somewhere in between.  I listened to Hannity on his radio show a week ago interviewing a guy about the protest.  They guy was pretty articulate, yet during the whole interview Hannity was trying to put words into his mouth to have some kind of gotcha moment.  I was amazed the guy wasn’t “got”.  Hannity wasn’t trying for journalism or understanding, but to try and discredit the movement.  If you watch Fox TV, they always show the worst elements on their propaganda channel.

Which…also got me to thinking about the Tea Party.  In a similar manner, MSNBC will show the biggest idiots at a Tea Party revival and try to paint that as indicative of everyone involved.  Fox will not show the idiots at the event because their ideological agenda doesn’t permit them to taint the conservative movement at all.  When one idiot cheers that sick people should be refused care or allowed to die, MSNBC amplifies that and acts as if every tea bagger agrees.  Of course, it doesn’t help the tea baggers when most of their rhetoric does seem to say that if you can’t pay, then the government shouldn’t pay for you.  Also, not many of them (none?) are stepping up with private foundations to pay for all of the sick that need care.


Interesting article about OWS and the TP:

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