I don’t do pan-orthodox events…

“Pan-orthodox” events are events where the local Orthodox churches in the city get together for a service. There are a few per year. Today was the first Sunday of Lent aka The Sunday of Orthodoxy. It is customary for the churches to get together for vespers on Sunday night and perform a commemoration of the restoration of icons to the churches.

I used to go to the services when it was just our parish and the Greek parish. However, over 12+ years ago, there was a split in the parishes. Some people in our parish (Antiochian) and in the Greek parish were unhappy with how their parishes were being run and they found a bishop in the OCA who allowed them to start their own parish.  Evidently the existing parishes weren’t “orthodox” enough and these folks started a parish to show us all how it should be done. My orthodox godfather was one of these people who tried to recruit me to the new parish. I attended a service once or twice when my priest was out of town. However, I never felt the draw. I am loyal to my priest. He has been there for me when I have been through hard times

Some of these people were upset because people kneeled on Sunday. Others were upset because we celebrated some holy days the night before the holy day. My “godfather” was one of these. He made a big point of telling me that at the new parish they celebrated holy days on the day of–the morning of. So, I asked him, do you go? No, I can’t go, he said, I have to work. Duh. That is why we celebrated the night before–so that more people could attend. And, besides that, according to orthodox/biblical theology, the night before is the same day because “… there was evening and there was morning, the first day.”

But what really irks me is that now these people who despised us and thought we weren’t good enough now want to be with us on these holy days. Why? I thought we weren’t “orthodox” enough? What are we supposed to act as if nothing happened? Are we suppose to look at them and tell them how great they are?

I just can’t stomach it.

Probably need to go to confession for it.

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