I don’t care about abortion…

…at least politically.  I agree with the Orthodox Church that it is a grave sin and is worthy of ex-communication, and I would never try to contract one for somebody or have one myself–especially since I am a male.  Isn’t that convenient?

I say I don’t care, because honestly, I’m like other pro-lifers.  Most pro-lifers even if they say they care, really don’t.  It’s just words to them…even if they march in pro-life rallies or stand outside abortion clinics.  If they really gave a shit, I’d expect them to be gaunt from fasting or trying to burn the clinics down.  Think of our response to the World Trade Center bombing.  We started an entire war over it with a country (Iraq) that had nothing to do with it  because 18 Saudi citizens and their leader based in Afghanistan carried out an attack on us.  Just as many babies are aborted every week in the USA as were killed in the WTC bombing, but no comparable response is mounted.  Why is that?

People just don’t care.  In their hearts, people know/believe that killing the unborn is different than killing the born.  Who has had time to emotionally bond with a fetus that is killed by the morning after pill?  Nobody.  Even the scriptures give different penalties for killing a fully grown human and for killing the unborn–see Exodus 21:22.

In general, I think nothing will be done about abortion.  I don’t believe pro-life politicians really care all that much.  I think they are more interested in holding onto voting blocks.  As long as the promise of Roe vs. Wade being overturned is held out as a carrot on a stick, the stupid mule voters will keep chasing the carrot.  It’s good for votes and it is good for business–all the “ministries” dedicated to wiping out Roe vs. Wade.  I wonder how much money is raked in annually by these folks?  The fat ministers on TV certainly are not fasting themselves to overturn Roe vs. Wade.  Just look at those fat bastards.

And, the thing is, even if Roe vs. Wade is overturned, it will just turn it over to the states.  It will slow down abortions, but it won’t stop someone from driving to California, NY, or Canada to have an abortion.

The thing is, and you wouldn’t know this watching Fox News or listing to right wing talk radio, but were there fewer abortions under Reagan or under Obama?  Reagan, right?  Nope, Obama.  See Guttmacher.  Less abortions under Clinton too than under Reagan.  In fact abortions have been declining for a long time.  Are Clinton or Obama responsible for lowering the abortions as compared to Reagan? Maybe, maybe not.  More funding for birth control education, and mandating insurance plans covering birth control (Obamacare) may prevent fewer unwanted pregnancies. If you have fewer unintended pregnancies, you’ll probably have fewer abortions.

When Roe vs. Wade was first overturned, there probably was a window where something permanent could have been done about abortion.  I would think a constitutional amendment might have been possible.  A constitutional amendment is a high bar, but back in the day, even Joe Biden probably would have been for it. But now, that moment seems to have passed.

I tend to vote more Democrat now because I’ve given up on abortion.  I look at the good I can accomplish with my vote, and helping feed the poor and provide them healthcare is better than a wasted vote on a pro-life candidate that won’t be successful.  I think it’s better to do the good I can do, than to waste my time on good that will never happen.  If two candidates were equal except on life, I’d vote for the pro-life candidate.  I see that even if the Republicans were actually successful and abortions were made illegal, then the Republicans, in general,  would be happy for the surviving babies to die of hunger or to not be educated or not be given healthcare.  Of course there are some Republicans with a heart, but they don’t generally get elected and they don’t have a voice on the airwaves.  To be truly pro-life is to be more than anti-abortion.  It should also mean to be pro fixing hunger, pro health, and pro education.  Those that claim to be pro-life are all too often against giving aid to people, against helping them with healthcare, and are always trying to figure ways on cutting education.

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