“I believe…”

I used to read Roman Catholic apologetics.  At one time I even had an article that was linked to by several Roman Catholic apologists as supporting their view.  But, I’m not Roman Catholic.

Most religious apologetic work on the web makes me nauseous.  Most of it is pretty grandiose and triumphalist.  So I had an inward chuckle this morning when I read an article about how the Roman Catholic church had changed its liturgy–or more specifically its translation of the liturgy.  For the person in the pew its not a change in translation, but something new–although not that far from the previous.  The part that made me chuckle was this:

Along with the new response and unfamiliar words, the affirmation “We believe” has been replaced with “I believe” in the Nicene Creed.

I laughed because I remember reading some Roman Catholic apologist writing about how the Roman Catholic church was more communal and less individualistic than Protestants because their creed said “We believe…” instead of “I believe…”.  Well, there goes that argument…

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