Having a Bonhoeffer Kind of Moment?

Driving home Thursday night, I was listening to the local traffic station/conservative propaganda station KRMG. The show was America Now hosted by Andy Dean, and Andy’s guest was former Oklahoma congressman J. C. Watts. Watts is now a lobbyist in D.C. and is also trying to get Newt Gingrich the Republican nomination for president.

For a long time they talked about Newt, and then the subject turned to Obama.  At one point, Watts said that “this is a Bonhoeffer kind of moment.” So, is he comparing Obama to Hitler? Does he think we ought to conspire to assassinate Obama? Besides his writing, what Bonhoeffer is famous for is conspiring to assassinate Hitler and then being arrested and executed for it. Many people admire Bonhoeffer and his stand against Nazism, but to imply that this is a Bonhoeffer moment is just a little too over the top.

Clip (at 32:44 in): http://www.americanowradio.com/pages/media/listenlive.html?uri=channels/465104/1600516

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