Groupthink and Twitter LHCF zealots

Had an interesting experience the last day on Twitter. I know lots of people are nuts, but being on this side of it has maybe opened up my eyes a little. My experience starts near this post:

The groupthink I experienced was from the low-carb high-fat (LCHF) diet zealots on Twitter. It started when someone noted that Steve Jobs ate a fruitarian (only fruit) diet and suffered from diabetes or diabetes-like symptoms near the end of his life. One of the leading LCHF advocates/authors stated that his diet was likely the cause of his diabetes.  I thought this was a big leap and an unwarranted conclusion. He had pancreatic cancer (another person said neuroendocrine tumor) and it could be the cancer that caused his pancreas to not properly secrete insulin. The author acknowledged that maybe was the case, but she thought that a fruitarian diet was a bad treatment for diabetes. I have no objection, based on my limited knowledge, to her saying that she thought it was bad treatment.  So far, it was just a disagreement.

But, then other people joined the bandwagon. Some others started practically accusing a doctor Jobs worked with of malpractice. The doctor, Dean Ornish is a noted low-fat, vegan advocate. But, he is not a fruitarian and some people were implying he was.  Others were implying that Ornish killed Jobs (through his diet). I’m pretty sure cancer killed Jobs.

One lady tweeted:

he died of high fructose = fatty liver = high insulin/resistant = pancreas cancer

That is what a zealot after reading a few LCHF diet books would write. It’s the classic, if the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

I stated:

You don’t know state of his liver or even of any genetic component. Insulin problem could have been the effect of pancreatic cancer You’re jumping to conclusions to fit a narrative.

Then the lady responded:

Oh really, I d suggest u eat lots of fruit and try it urself 👍🏻 keep eating any sugar u can hand on buddy u ll get rewarded!

It’s not a logical response. I actually found her responses repulsive, stupid, and borderline evil. Did I say anything besides that she could not know the cause of his cancer? No. But, all of a sudden I should eat the same diet Jobs did so I would get cancer? It’s the equivalent of “fuck off and die.” Yes?

It reminds me of past religious discussions on web forums.  Throw out logic when dealing with most religious claims. People are going to believe what they want to believe. It seems to me that what is a proper diet is similarly religious. Challenge their beliefs, their orthorexia, and be prepared for an onslaught. Some of the people who write the actual books can have a reasonable discussion and use reasoning. But, many of their followers cannot.

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