God Bless President Trump

I didn’t vote for the guy.  It is unlikely I will change my mind for the next election, but you never can tell.


He is the President of the United States.  Our liturgical prayers at my church this coming Sunday will be the same as they were last weekend.  We will pray the line (several times):

PRIEST: For the President of the United States and all civil authorities, and for the Armed Forces everywhere, let us pray to the Lord.

CHOIR: Lord, have mercy.

I hope he has a successful presidency. I hope it is marked by peace, civil rest, economic growth, and better lives for average Americans and the poor.  I will put off judgement on what others predict his policies will do and instead look at what they actually accomplish.  I do reserve the right to crack jokes, but I will likewise not be an alarmist like those who accused the former president of so much nonsense.

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