Gingrich: The Candidate Democrats Fear?

I was driving around during my lunch hour yesterday and had the traffic station on–which unfortunately is also the right wing propaganda station.  Rush Limbaugh was on during lunch.  He seems to be endorsing Gingrich and kept going on and on about how the Democrats and left-wingers fear Gingrich being nominated because Democrats “know that conservatives win elections.”  He was really going on and on belaboring the point.  Maybe he was just trying to fill airspace…

Well, I was watching Rachel Maddow the previous week and she was just smirking that Gingrich might be the Republican nominee.  She was really giddy and hopeful about it.  She seemed to be really hoping that Gingrich would be the candidate because that meant Obama would be re-elected.  She seemed to think that Gingrich was far too right wing to be elected in a general election for president.  Watching her smirk, I was thinking to myself, “Be careful what you wish for–it might not be that easy.”

See this video at about the 4 minute part:

Does Rachel look like she’s fearing Gingrich running?

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