Don’t want to be “that guy”…

Twice this week I’ve had to “hold my tongue.”  Well, not really my tongue, but my fingers on the keyboard.  Both were related to Facebook. One was a post by a doctor and the other was a post from a college buddy.

Let’s talk about the doctor. This is where I disagree, but my opinion could be total bullshit. (Can’t it always?) But, the doctor saw the documentary “Forks Over Knives” on Netflix. Which, if you don’t know, is pro-vegan and a pretty good piece of propaganda…and not science, if you ask me. But, honestly, I’m just a stupid layman. My doctor friend is actually an internist. However, I’ve read a little.  A little Taubes and a little Teicholz. Of course, Teicholz book is 300+ pages with 120+ pages of notes and bibliography.  As a layman, it is sort of hard to know the truth, but it’s not hard to recognize that “Forks Over Knives” is a piece of propaganda by a pro animal rights group. I’ve thought about buying the Teicholz book for the doctor, and am still considering it, but not being confrontational on Facebook is a good idea.

Now, let’s talk about the post from an old college buddy. He linked to an article that stated California has the worst quality of life in the United States. My friend’s comment was basically, “Well, duh…. socialism.” My immediate thought was rolling my eyes thinking, “here we go again…” I mean it really is laughable. California has about 1/7th of the total economy of the United States. Hell, if any place is practicing capitalism, it is California.  Look at what is going on in Silicon Valley…. Google, Apple, Facebook, etc, etc.  My employer has been bought twice by Silicon Valley venture capital firms. My cousin who lives out there has worked for 4 startups.  My cousin is rich AF. California is as capitalistic as it comes.

Reading the article, it was funny because it put one of the things making California a bad quality of life as having “poor voter participation.” I laughed at that. How does that make poor quality of life? Of course, California does have some things that make for poor quality of life like housing costs, traffic, commuting, population density, and air pollution. Ask any Californian and they’ll agree. I lived out there for 7 years. I just can’t imagine how bad Los Angeles would be if California had not enforced stricter (socialistic?, haha) pollution standards. But, what about the climate? After having spent 4 years at Michigan Tech and more than 200 inches of snow per year, California was like heaven. The same article also mentions that California has the 4th best economy and is #1 for business.  Let me say that again, fourth best economy and number one for business. That’s “socialism”? Really? Give me a break you Fox/Rush loving con-tard.

Of course, it’s not good to say that on Facebook. I don’t want to be “that guy”–the guy who is always right and needs to let others know it–even when I am. (haha) No one reads this damn blog and I don’t care to try to promote it. It is too much work trying to produce the little content that I have. I hate politics on Facebook, so that is why I held my tongue. I want to hear about birthdays, and kids winning awards, or even better, people helping other people. I don’t want to read how Trump is the greatest president ever.

So, lord, please help me to not be “that guy.”

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  1. Crowhill says:

    That’s the best cartoon. I love it.

    Also, we need a good word for “capitalist but with redistributionist / collectivist tendencies.” Socialism means collective ownership of the means of production, which certainly does not describe California, or many of the European nations that are called socialist.

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