Birtherism and Trump’s Decision Making

Finally this week, Trump renounced his birtherism.  For most sane people, the question was resolved years and years ago.

In reality, it was a racist issue.  It was an attempt to delegitimize the presidency of Barack Obama, our first black president.  Even if he had been born in Kenya, he still would have been a natural born US citizen because his mother is a US citizen.  Except for Trump, none of the alt-right brought up the fact about Ted Cruz’s citizenship.  It was a non-issue to them because Cruz is white.

Obama provided his official certificate from the state of Hawaii and there are newspaper announcements from the time announcing his birth.  For most people, it was clear except with the right wing crazies and with Trump.  Trump kept insisting that he knew better, had a better source, and that everyone would be blown away when he revealed the truth.  We waited and waited and waited…  Finally, this week Trump admitted that Obama was born in the US.  Notice, the Donald did not say he was wrong.  He has a worse time saying that than did Fonzie if you remember Happy Days.

Now, it comes to Iraq, ISIS,  and the Middle East.  Trump says he is smarter than everyone about it.  He is smarter than the generals.  They are all idiots he says.  I guess he knows better about the generals just like he knew better about Obama.

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