Annoyances of the Week

1.  Politics on Facebook.  I deleted a couple “friends” this week because all they do is talk politics on Facebook.  In reality, they are more like acquaintances with bad table manners.  I want to know about kids, grandkids, and what is going on in your life.  If I want a re-hash of Fox News, I’d just go straight to the source.

2.  Donald Trump. After Obama showed his long form birth certificate, he had a press conference in which he took credit and said he “was proud” of himself.  When is The Donald not proud or impressed with himself?

3.  After natural disasters, attributing them to the wrath of God.  Some stupid birther website was attributing lightning near the White House to the wrath of God in regards to Obama not producing the long form birth certificate yet.  It is doubtful lightning even struck the White House or caused damage.  OTOH, a tornado outbreak struck at a region of the South and caused much damage.  Can we say that it is because they were all Red States and didn’t vote for Obama?  Please put me out of my misery if I ever say something so stupid.

4.  Drivers licenses that expire on random dates.  The bank teller noticed on my drivers license that it was expiring.  Good thing she noticed because I did not have a clue.  In the state I grew up in, your drivers license expired on your birthday.  Why isn’t that the case here? Before money cards, I used to write checks at stores and they would ask for a drivers license as ID.  I rarely ever have the occasion to whip out the drivers license anymore.

5.  PJP2.  They really collected his blood so they could venerate it?  After allowing all the molesters to continue business as usual they are considering making the guy a saint?  Really? (Ok, they’re just beatifying him for now…but it’s just a preliminary step.)

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1 Response to Annoyances of the Week

  1. Crowhill says:

    1 — agree completely. People should not post politics on Facebook.
    2 — why does anybody take him seriously?
    3 — people look for causes and reasons for things because the idea that something “just happened that way” is hard to swallow.
    4 — in MD it’s on your bday.
    5 — I have never understood why people think so highly of JP2.

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