All Lives Don’t Matter !

Most white people don’t get it.  They do not understand why there is a Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.  Their response to BLM is “all lives matter” or “blue lives matter”.

I’m here to tell you that if you believe “all lives matter”, then you’re living in a fairy tale.

First consider, “blue lives matter”.  Of course they do.  Blue lives matter most of all–to the police, the ones enforcing laws.  And, that is what the BLM movement is addressing in reality.  That laws are not enforced uniformly and fairly.  If an officer is shot, the cops go berserk.  Soon as other cops get the “officer down” call, they drop everything they are doing and go to help their downed “brother”.  The police chief or mayor will authorize overtime and more cops on duty to try and catch a police shooter if he is not immediately apprehended.  If you or I get shot, will they do that?  Hell, no.  There are even laws on the book that makes assaulting the police a worse crime than assaulting a civilian.  So, yes, blue lives matter most…more than all lives and certainly more than black lives.

Next, let’s talk about “all lives matter.”  It’s sort of a response as “white lives matter too.”  Again, duh, of course white lives matter.  Is there a history in our country of blacks organizing, donning sheets, riding horses in the middle of the night, burning crosses, and lynching white people? … and getting away with it?  Hell, no.  But there is the history of the opposite.  There is a huge history of injustice in this country.  Blacks have been on the short end of the stick whether it was slavery or Jim Crow or spending on public schools.  When unarmed black people get killed by white people or cops, and no charges are filed, do you think history does not matter?  Does it not echo what has happened in the South?

“All lives matter…”  No, white lives matter.  Usually, rich white lives.  Is there a black Jon Benet Ramsey? Is there a black Natalee Holloway?  No one really gives a shit if a small black girl is killed or a young black woman goes missing.  And here, we are not even talking about the cops.  We are talking about the media.  And, the media usually gives society what it wants…and society just does not give a damn.  Many white people get incensed when they hear “black lives matter.” It’s a sad statement about our society.


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