Weird religious observances

1) Saw a t-shirt at a grocery store saying, “Roman Catholic — since 33 AD”. I could maybe buy “Catholic — since 33 AD”, but don’t they know Paul didn’t even travel to Rome until maybe the 50’s or 60’s? Besides, the RC church was started in 1054 when the Pope left the church in the Great Schism—at least that’s my version. When I googled for a similar t-shirt, I came across a site that had a bunch of RC t-shirts and also in the mix was one that said, “Favre is God.” Interesting mix.

2) On the season premier of Walking Dead they showed a Southern Baptist church that had a crucifix. Really? The crucifix even had blood on it. Maybe they managed to find the only SBC church in the world with a crucifix. Usually the Baptists hate things that are so “papist”.

3) Read some article by some guy who wants to rewrite the 10 Commandments to say that the 10th Commandment does not mean “covet” but “take”. He’s got a PhD, I don’t. But, ISTM that he cherry picks his verses to use the ones that maybe support his view, but he ignores the ones that don’t support his view—plus the fact that there was already a commandment about taking—Thou shalt not steal—that I really don’t buy his interpretation. Although I would love to hear that my coveting Paz Vega or Grace Park was totally ok.

4) Heard an advertisement on NPR for an upcoming program with some gospel singer. He was singing “Falling In Love with Jesus.” Barf. I’m a normal guy. I’m not going to fall in love with another guy. I can love another guy, but I can’t be in love with him. That would be gay.

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