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Annoyances of the Week

1.  Politics on Facebook.  I deleted a couple “friends” this week because all they do is talk politics on Facebook.  In reality, they are more like acquaintances with bad table manners.  I want to know about kids, grandkids, and what … Continue reading

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Poll: Most Egyptians Want Quran As Source Of Laws

As something of little surprise, most Eqyptians want the Quran as the source of their laws.  I’m sure the folks at Fox News are foaming at the mouth over this, but is this any surprise?  What does it really mean? … Continue reading

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Blame Bush

I live in what used to be the oil capital of the world.  Now it’s moved south to Houston, but oil and gas exploration is still the #1 business around town.  Several of my co-workers are former oil company workers … Continue reading

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Shame On You Mr. Worship Leader …

Saturday I was walking home from the Honda dealership after dropping my son’s car off for some work.  It’s only about a mile from the dealership to my apartment, so I just walked it.  As I was walking home, some … Continue reading

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Lazarus lies stinking in the grave…or the beauty of liturgy

Wednesday night was our last pre-sanctified Wednesday liturgy in the Orthodox Church.  It’s also sort of ironic that the liturgy was written by St. Gregory the Dialogist aka St. Gregory the Great aka St. Gregory the Great, Pope of Rome.  … Continue reading

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Who to Blame?

Article from LA Times says puberty is getting earlier for girls. Who to blame? Obama – everything is his fault. Bush – this happened before Obama took office Oil companies – this is caused by global warming. Teachers’ unions HFCS … Continue reading

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Ridiculous Self Help Books…and not books

It seems as if there is a new self help book coming out every day.  Some of them I really find comedic.  I remember when Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution came out, David Letterman really had fun with it.  I … Continue reading

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