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No Warrant Needed

The Supreme Court in an 8-1 vote (Ginsberg dissenting) decided that police did not need a warrant to knock down a door if they suspected evidence was being destroyed. NPR when covering the story failed to report that the cops … Continue reading

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Jesus, you’re not welcome here…

Ok, I’m a trouble maker…but only on the internet. One of my son’s friends had a Facebook entry about attending some conference for young adults.  I looked it up, and one of the topics was alcohol. Now, if I was … Continue reading

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Annoyances of the past week

1) If I see John Boehner cry again, it will be too soon.  Dude, have an endocrinologist check your testosterone levels. 2) Eric Cantor.  Complete tool.  During the week before Obama bagged Osama, he was complaining that Obama released his birth certificate … Continue reading

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