Two Things to Know About the Clinton Foundation

I know some seniors that watch Fox News all day.  They even DVR O’Reilly and other programs so they won’t miss them.  Yes, they do not care about facts, and, no, it is not surprising to me that the wife has a mental illness which manifests in paranoia.

They watch Fox, so they are not interested in the truth–only the propaganda of the Republican party.

But I digress… This article is about two things to know about the Clinton Foundation.  It came about because the husband of the couple that watch Fox News all day told me, “The Clinton Foundation is one of the worst charities ever.  Only 10% goes to actually helping people.”  Yeah, he got that “factoid” either from Fox News or one of his conservative friends.

So, how is the Clinton Foundation as a charity? gives it an A rating. According to them, 2% goes to fundraising, and after overhead, 88% goes to program costs. also has an article stating where the Clinton Foundation money goes.

The second thing to know is that the Clintons do not receive any money from the Clinton Foundation.  Yes, they are board members, but they do not receive a salary or compensation from the Clinton Foundation. On their FAQ page, the foundation states that Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea receive no salary.  You say, “of course it does, they would say that.”  Well, the Weekly Standard did a hit job on the Clinton Foundation and looked at the IRS filings.  Guess how much the Clintons received in salary according to their enemy?  $0.  Yes, $0.

There might be other questions about the Foundation, pay to play, etc, that I do not address here and have no way to do a cursory research. But, in summary, the two things to know about the Clinton Foundation are:

  1. It is an A rated charity
  2. Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea do not receive any money from it
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“I look good…”

I think it’s funny when I hear certain women (of a certain ethnic group–usually) say, “I look good.”  Uhhhh…  No you don’t. Maybe you look as good as you can for someone as fat and as ugly as you are, but don’t confuse things.  Your best is not necessarily “good”.  I say that as an old ugly fucker.

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Nutrition bullshit

Back in the early 20th century, there used to be cigarette ads that touted the health benefits of smoking.  Now, the World Health Organization is now saying to take the cancer warning off of coffee because instead of causing cancer, it may prevent it.

Of course, doctors were paid to endorse the health benefits of cigs (or the tobacco companies just made it up.)  But, with diet and nutrition, I hear conflicting science all the time.  Eat a high carboydrate diet!  Eat a low fat diet!  Eat a low carb diet!  Eat a high protein diet!  Eat vegan!  Eat like a Neanderthal (Paleo)!  They all have “science” to back them up.  It’s crazy.

I know I shouldn’t drink multiple Cokes a day (the real shiz), but I do.  Probably that will kill me.


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As could have been predicted…

I posted my thoughts about the Stanford rape case to my FB feed.  As could have been predicted, I was called a victim blamer.  I was told “TELL MEN NOT TO RAPE…”.  So, I had to respond, again.  Here is what I wrote:

My parents taught me vigilance, situational awareness, and threat assessment. They didn’t call it that–law enforcement agencies would call it that. They just called it “being careful”. The first thing they taught me in this regard was to not talk to strangers. Later, when we would go into Detroit, my mom would go into hyper-vigilance mode because the crime rate in the city is much higher than it is in the suburbs. In elementary school they warned us about not talking to men in cars that would offer candy to children. As I got older they warned me about having the wrong friends because the wrong friends can get you into trouble. As I got old enough to drive, they told me to slow down when it is raining or snowing. I remember the warning to be extra careful driving after midnight and especially after 2 AM because the bars close and there will be more drunks on the road.

I know people who naturally make threat assessments. For my relatives in the Detroit metro area, if they are driving in their car in the city and their low gas light comes on, they automatically do a threat calculus in their head. They look at how much gas is left and whether they have enough gas to get to Warren, Eastpointe, or some other suburb that is not in the city. They would rather get off the highway and buy gas in the suburbs than to have to buy gas in the city. It’s the same in Tulsa. If the same happened near 61st and Peoria, careful folks would rather drive into Brookside to get their gas or go to 71st.

In Tulsa, as a man, I have felt comfortable running LaFortune Park or Riverside all alone after dark. I have never felt in danger or assault–sexual or other. However, I have read in the newspaper of women running alone and being assaulted. I would not recommend a woman to run alone after dark along Riverside or LaFortune. I would recommend she run with a group because it is safer. If I see a woman running alone after dark along LaFortune or Riverside I shake my head and then say a prayer for her safety.

As a college student, I went to frat house parties or other house parties. For me, as a male, the threat of sexual assault was practically nil. The vast majority of sexual assaults are perpetrated by men against women. My danger at a party was getting punched by being in the crossfire of a fight. Some drunk college age men, or even older drunk men, have a tendency to get violent. When I went to parties, I went with a group of friends and we went and returned home together. If someone in our group had to much to drink, the others in the group would help him home. On occasion, that was me that needed the help.

When I visited Nuevo Laredo last year, I had several hundreds of dollars to donate to a ministry that feeds the poor in Nuevo Laredo. I was visiting the home of the people in charge and they had children over and they were feeding them in their front patio. We were talking and I started to reach for my wallet to give the donation. The man quickly put a hand on my arm and looked at me as if I was stupid. He quickly took me to the back patio and told me that there are people watching and it was not safe to give him the money in the open like that–neither safe for me nor safe for him. I did not have the situational awareness to know that it was a threat.

I wished we lived in a safe world. My experience has taught me that church socials are safer places than college house parties. If you want to tell your daughters that the two are equal and that it is safe to be all alone and get blackout drunk at a college house party, go ahead and be my guest. In the meantime, I will tell my daughter, nieces, and maybe future granddaughters to be careful. I’ll tell them to travel in groups, don’t get separated from the group, don’t get drunk, and don’t get blackout drunk. Even better, avoid such parties altogether.

If you want to say I’m victim blaming, bravo to you. Have fun.

If you want to say “men don’t rape”–I’ll just say don’t be a misandrist. The men I know who are relatives or friends don’t rape. Rapists rape. Saying “men don’t rape” is about the same as Donald Trump calling an ethnic group that starts with M a bunch of rapists.

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Don’t Be Naive and Stupid

I’ve seen many memes about the Stanford case. Throw the book at Brock Turner.  He’s an asshole and a sexual predator. He confessed and is guilty.  Yes, all that is true.

But, some people meme-ing and writing out there do not want to be realists.

If I was to drive a Corvette into Detroit in the morning, park it in a deserted alley all day, leave the doors unlocked with the keys in the ignition and my wallet on the dashboard, would it surprise you if I returned at the end of the day and either my wallet or the car was gone? No.  You’d probably think I was a dumbass for being so naive and stupid. Maybe you wouldn’t say it to my face, but you’d think it!  And, you’d be right!

If a woman goes to a frat party, gets blackout drunk, are we surprised if something bad happens? Even less surprised if she is dressed provocatively and gets blackout drunk?  (I don’t know how she was dressed…could have been a burka for all I know…but, I doubt it.) Don’t frat boys have a reputation for doing stuff like that? Sure, Brock Turner should have behaved  like those two exchange students who helped the innocent victim and chased the bastard perpetrator down. But, we do not live in an ideal world.

We know there are bad guys out there.  This world has Brock Turners and Charles Mansons in it.  Do we not lock our doors at night, or have an alarm system, or even a firearm?  When we go to the mall, do we not lock our valuables in the trunk and don’t leave them sitting in the front seat?  Do we not lock our cars and put the keys safe in our pocket and not leave them in the ignition?

Are our daughters as precious as our wallets, purses, or cars?  Yes?  Well, talk to them. Tell them the truth.  Tell them not to dress too provocatively if they don’t want too much unwanted attention from men. Tell them not to get drunk, or God forbid blackout drunk. Tell them not to take a drink if they don’t know who poured it. Tell them to have a buddy or three or four when they go out. Tell them to stay with the buddy(ies). Tell them not to go to a man’s room or a man’s car or anywhere else with a man they don’t know and trust. Tell them not to be naive and stupid.  There are other Brock Turners out there.  Some of them are even charming and handsome. This world is not a paradise.  It’s dangerous sometimes–even more so when you are naive and stupid.  Even in paradise there was a serpent.

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GoT Season 1, Episode 1

Ok, over the weekend I watched my first episode of Game of Thrones.

In the first episode, we have the selling of a woman (marriage to another king).  Incest, and the attempted murder of a child.  My old Baptist pastor would be mad as hell for having such filth on television.  I thought, it sounds like the bible.  Marriages to join kingdoms–Solomon and his descendants.  Incest? Tamar and Amnon.  Or, Abraham and Sarah.  Or, Lot and his daughters.  Murder of a child? God killing the son of David and Bathsheba.  I’m trying to remember if I saw any fratricide.  I can’t remember, but if there is not, I am sure it is coming.  Can anyone say Cain and Abel or Absalom and Amnon?

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Hillary can only run on emotions…

so says Laura Ingraham.

Funny.  I mean in an ironic sort of way.  What, Miss Ingraham?  Trump is running on facts or something?  Scott Adams has been chronicling Trump’s success on his blog.  Trump’s success has basically nothing to do with facts or issues and totally to do with identity and persuasion.

Pot, meet kettle.

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Trump: Destroyer or Savior?

The common wisdom is that Trump is the destroyer of the GOP.  If he is nominated, he will not win, and he is preventing a real Republican from winning.  That is what the media is reporting.  That is what Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, etc are saying.  This is what the GOP mouthpieces are saying.  Is it true?

Trump is a rich white guy.  I ask you, What is more Republican than that?  Until the religious fanatics, ideological crazies, and conservative talk radio fans took over the GOP about 25-30 years ago, the GOP was a party that was able to make bargains .  To me the guy that  typifies the new Republicans is Cruz who is both a religious fanatic and an ideological crazy.  No one likes him and he hasn’t made any deals or passed any bills in the senate.  Yeah, Goldwater was a kook, but Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Dole, Bush 1, and even Reagan were reasonable fellows who could govern and cut a deal.

So is Trump really a destroyer of the GOP, or is he bringing it back to its real roots?  During most of the 20th century, wasn’t the GOP the party of rich white guys from Wall Street?  The Democrats were for the majority of the century the poor, uneducated, racist, religious fanatics from the South–who the GOP is mainly now.

Caveat:  I won’t be voting for Trump.  I am married to a beautiful Mexican woman and I know that all Mexicans are not rapists.

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Not Her Again

#3 cracks me up…  She talks about living in the private sector and having to balance budgets…as if Trump was capable!  I somehow remember 4 bankruptcies…



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Donald Trump at Liberty University for MLK Day

See this link:  Christians, MLK Day, and Historical Amnesia

I didn’t write it.  It’s good.

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