Not Her Again

#3 cracks me up…  She talks about living in the private sector and having to balance budgets…as if Trump was capable!  I somehow remember 4 bankruptcies…



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Donald Trump at Liberty University for MLK Day

See this link:  Christians, MLK Day, and Historical Amnesia

I didn’t write it.  It’s good.

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Archie top GOP candidate


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Kirstie Allie won’t do a nude scene

Fox News is reporting that Kirstie Allie won’t do a nude scene.  All I have to say is, “Thank God!”  I don’t want to see her naked.  Please keep the clothes on!  Please!  Thank you very much.

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Fascists are cowards

I think fascism is driven by cowardice. The other day, President Obama made a comment about how Republicans are afraid of refugee widows and orphans coming into the United States.  It’s hard to believe Republicans are such cowards.  Fear is what drove the forced imprisonment of Japanese American citizens into internment camps during World War II.  On my Facebook page I have had people sharing posts that advocate the nuclear bombing of Syria and Iraq like we did of Japan.  Really?  How many innocent women and children do you want to kill?

Regarding the Republicans and the refugees, I think that they act like frightened little girls.  However, that is not really fair to little girls.  My daughter (18) and two nieces (20, 17) have voiced their support for the refugees and think the Republicans are crazy.

Finally, some scriptures.  Here is James 1:27, the Republican Version of the Bible:

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress–except if they come from Syria.


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DoJ Going After Supplement Makers

For years the supplement makers have been perpetrating fraud and selling snake oil with no control.  Many of the manufacturers are based in Utah and the biggest lobbyist/bought politician in Washington is Republican senator Orrin Hatch.

Hatch calls story on supplements ‘inaccurate’

Politics of fraudulent supplements

Hatch is natural ally of supplement industry

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Schrodinger’s Immigrant

Some clever fellow created this image:


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Benghazi Hearings

Was at the airport watching the Inquisition. It was surreal. Four people died, yes, and it’s a tragedy. What can we do better?

3,000 died on 9/11 and no one got a grilling like that.

We started a war with a nation that did not attack us nor did it have WMDs. 5,000 soldiers died and 100,000 were wounded. 200,000 citizens of the invaded country died and no one got a grilling like I saw today.

Nearly 300 died in the marine barracks bombing in Beirut under Reagan’s watch and nobody got a grilling like that.

It’s pretty obvious what this Inquisition is about.

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Getting tired of bigots

I don’t know if I have any more time for bigots.  Especially online bigots.

I had an interesting experience while flying to Laredo, TX.  I was connecting through DFW and I saw two guys wearing BDUs speaking in Spanish.  I have an online friend who is a bigot.  He has openly admitted to being annoyed at people speaking publicly in languages other than English.

Well, if you don’t know what BDUs are, it is an acronym for Battle Dress Uniform…or basically camo gear…the real stuff.  The guys I saw wearing BDUs were hispanic guys who were in the US Army.  So, this douche bag who complains about people speaking a language other than English is getting his ass protected by these hispanic Army guys.  It’s ironic because he’s never served in the armed forces.  And, it’s also ironic because he does not speak a native American language himself.  He speaks English–not native American.  If he wanted to speak a truly American language, he’d learn Cherokee or Choctaw or Creek.

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Low-T Therapy

It sucks getting old.  I am 51.  I think it has been sucking for about 30 years.  This summer I went to the urologist and she suggested that I take a blood test to determine my testosterone levels.  Normal testosterone levels are 270-1070 ng/dL with an average of 679.  Mine were around 150.  So, my T levels weren’t just on the low side, they were way below the normal range.

In order to treat me, the doctor prescribed a Low-T therapy of Testim which is a gel.  She gave me a few weeks worth of samples.I didn’t like it because it was sticky and my shirt stuck to it, but if it was necessary…  The doctor prescribed it, but the insurance company for pharmaceuticals (Express Scripts) rejected it.  So, the doctor prescribed something else that was rejected, and finally they approved Axiron which is a liquid/gel that is applied under the arms.  The co-pay is $90.  Ouch.  Luckily, for the first year I used a manufacturer’s coupon and am paying $25 a month.

They retested my T-levels and they are in the mid to upper 500’s.

What have I noticed?

My sex drive is increased.  My anger can sometimes be increased.  I think my mind seems sharper and I can focus better.  And, there is one thing that is noticeably improved… My back pain went away.  For 20 years I have taken two ibuprofen at night to help with my sleep–not to fall asleep, but to stay asleep and not awake in the morning with a back ache.  Now, I wake up every morning and my back feels great.  I have no pain.  That was unexpected.

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