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Refusal of Service


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The Bible Belt

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Selective Outrage

cecil  Man kills lion.  Millions of people on the internet are outraged.  They put down their hamburgers, hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, and chicken tenders to express disgust at Walter Palmer, a dentist who killed a lion while on a hunting trip in Africa.  Meanwhile, some Planned Parenthood officials are recorded how they have to be careful performing abortions so as not to destroy the product they are selling because it will reduce their revenues–and the internet mostly yawns.  Oh, a few conservatives get upset, but that’s it.  Evidently you can kill one lion and you are a pariah and shunned, but kill hundreds or even thousands of babies and sell the parts for profits, and no one really cares.  Instead, officials and pro-abortion people are upset at the people who made and released the recording.

I grew up in a state and around friends and family who hunted and fished.  I never hunted, but I certainly fished.  I have no moral objection to fishing or hunting as long as they are used for food.  When I fished, I ate what I caught–minus eyes, guts, tails, fins, and bones.  As far as hunting, my uncles and friends would go deer hunting and they would dress the deer and have it butchered and then take the head to have it mounted.  I do have a college friend who has gone big game hunting in Africa.  He has the head mounted in his man cave.  The meat was eaten by the locals because he could not carry it back to the US.  It is not something I would do, but I would not hold it against him.

I feel the same way about Walter Palmer.  I eat beef, chicken, pork, and fish. The way that cows, chicken, and pigs are treated in factory farming methods is certainly worse than anything the lion hunter ever perpetrated.  For my uncles, cousins, and friends who hunt for deer, their kills are certainly more humane than what is done in feeding lots and slaughterhouses.  What is more humane?  Is it more humane to kill a deer who has lived its whole life free and is killed in an instant, or to kill a cow who was chained up to feed on grain, filled with steroids, and grown at an abnormal rate to get fat?  ISTM that the deer has a much better life.

Walter Palmer was identified, and has even had his address put on the internet.  I cannot believe the outrage.  It is as if our whole moral universe has been turned upside down.  Abortionists who kill hundreds or even thousands of babies are considered fine upstanding citizens while a man who kills one lion is castigated and looked upon with disgust.

You know who is not upset?  Deer, gazelles, and other animals otherwise known as lion food.  Lions pounce on their prey, break their bones and neck, and then rip the flesh from their prey’s body with their teeth.

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Jesus Come In Me

So, is that from a porn video or from a modern hymn?  Could be either, right?  Actually, it’s from some modern evangelical sing along / chorus. I think it’s actually “Jesus Come Into Me” as relayed from a friend who allowed his shop/business space to be rented by some hipster evangelicals–or as I like to call them, evangelical nut jobs.  My friend told this to me during a vesper liturgy for the Annunciation.

I told him that I don’t like that kind of music.  I call it, “I want to french kiss you, Jesus” kind of music.  Since I am a straight guy, french kissing Jesus is pretty disgusting to me, but modern evangelical music has these disgusting homoerotic undertones.  Plus, to be honest, it’s just bad theology.  On Easter, we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead in a physical body.  On Ascension, we celebrate Jesus ascending into heaven in a physical body.  The only way Jesus can come into me is if he 1) puts his tongue in one of my orifices, 2) puts a finger in one of my orifices, or 3) puts his dick in one of my orifices.  All three options sound horrible to me.  He is a physical person, fully God and fully man.  He is not a spirit.

What the Orthodox pray is for the Holy Spirit to “come and abide in us”.  The evangelical call to have “Jesus come into me” is either gay, or a denial of Jesus humanity and corporeal reality–a confusing of the Trinity.

O Heavenly King, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, Who art everywhere and fillest all things; Treasury of Blessings, and Giver of Life – come and abide in us, and cleanse us from every impurity, and save our souls, O Good One.

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Republican primary candidates are like evangelical pastors

There are no qualifications and they will consider anybody.  When I started attending a Southern Baptist Church in Lancaster we had a pastor who was a high school dropout.  At some point he got saved and taught himself how to read.  He became a pastor and then got a GED.  Then some congregation decided they didn’t want a pastor without a degree, so they paid for him to get a mail order degree—ahem, excuse me, a long distance learning degree.

The latest two Republican candidates to enter the fray are Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.  Carson is of course an excellent surgeon and a best selling author, but I don’t see how that qualifies him for president.  He really does not have any political experience.  It might be refreshing, but to get things done you have to have some skills.  He has not demonstrated any.

Fiorina–well, she is just one of a string of CEOs at HP that have turned it from a company that made high quality products in the USA to one that imports them from China.  She should be popular with many Republicans who hate unions and the working class. She has never been elected to an office–just a failed California senatorial campaign.

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What I Am Not Doing Today

What I am not doing today is writing an alimony check for $700.  It started out at $1,100 per month for the first year, and it stepped down to $700 per month in the final year.  After 5 years and $54,000 in alimony payments later, I owe the ex nothing.  Zero, zilch, nada.  It didn’t cost me just $54,000.  I also lost half of my net worth at the time– lost $100,000 (half of $200,000).  She got the house and everything in it.  I got to keep all my 401k.  There was $1ook of equity in the house.  Lawyer fees also cost me $15,000.  Counseling fees for my daughter also cost another $1,500.  I had to go to reconciliation counseling with my daughter after the ex told my daughter I would rape her.  That little stunt at least cost her custody of my daughter.

It is funny to me how conservative Republican woman without hardly an exception will say how much they think welfare is evil and wrong.  These same women have no problem demanding or collecting alimony.  What is alimony but court ordered welfare?  In some cases, I think it may be merited, but not in my ex’s case.  If a woman gave up her career and did a good job being a wife and mother, I can see some alimony being warranted.  However, when I married my ex, she quit the job she hated and lived off of me.  I thought she would look for another job.  She didn’t.  She was lazy.  We didn’t have kids for 2 1/2 years.

I still had to cook half the time, be the primary person to get the kids ready for school, drive them to school, vacuum, etc, while I held down a job and she was supposedly a “stay-at-home-mom.”  I could never quite figure out what she was doing with all her time.  Basically she was a bum, financed by me.  It cost me more money in alimony because I tolerated it for so long.  You would have to be a moron like me to tolerate a “wife” who does not work, does not clean, does not cook, does not take care of the children, and does not fuck.  Oh, it’s a little exaggerated, but not much.  She was a supposedly full time mom who could not manage to keep an ample supply of milk or bread in the house.  I lost count of the times I would run out to the grocery at 9 o’clock at night to grab a loaf of bread, gallon of milk, or lunch meat so the kids could have milk for their cereal or a sandwich the next day for lunch.  Her opinion usually was, “they don’t need milk” , “they can just have bread”, or “they can just have meat”.  Yes, once in a while is ok.  Habitually?  That’s another story.  $54,000 in alimony for a mother like that?  Ridiculous.

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Even Reformed are Irish today

It was the Reformed Oliver Cromwell who invaded Ireland and slaughtered the Irish and the priests therein.  So, imagine my dismay when I read a blog post from a Reformed website extolling St. Patrick–the patron saint of Ireland.  The blog was from John Piper’s ministry.

Piper is a Reformed pastor.  He is one of those Reformed people who would tell Pope Francis or any Catholic or Orthodox that they need to get saved because the Catholic or Orthodox believe a “false gospel”.  It’s safe to say that Reformed pastors hate catholics.  Of course, they say they love catholics, they just want them to get saved.  It’s sort of like a racist saying they love blacks because they just want them to become white.

Of course, in the story painted on the website, they tried to paint the church in a bad light. They said the church did not want to send Patrick.  Yes, they were so reluctant to send Patrick that they consecrated him a bishop so that he could ordain other priests.

I guess, that’s what galls me. St. Patrick was a 5th century Christian.  He was a bishop–not a “pastor”.  As a 5th century Christian, he would have believed that the sacrament of baptism was more than symbolic.  He would have believed in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the sacrifice of the mass.  He would have believed in the sacrament of confession and the ministry of the priest to forgive sins.  He would have believed in the communion of the saints.  He would have been a Christian that Piper and others like him would have never allowed to preach a sermon from a pulpit.  In fact, if Saint Patrick were to come before a Reformed pastor, the Reformed pastor would tell Patrick to abandon the false gospel of works and to become a real (Reformed) Christian.  That’s what they would do to Pope Francis or any other Catholic or Orthodox bishop.

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White people are racist

Last night, thinking about the 50th anniversary of the march on Selma, I was thinking of writing this post.  I was wondering how the officials in Alabama in 1965 could think it was acceptable to treat their citizens in that manner.  This morning, I woke up to a video of some frat boys from the University of Oklahoma chanting how there would “never be a ni**er SAE” and that they would rather “hang him from a tree.”  The first thing I noticed was that the people were singing along and it was as if they had sung this before–that it wasn’t something just made up on the spot.  There was also the repugnant clear reference to lynching.  You might dismiss this a just a bunch of drunk frat boys, but they learned it growing up somewhere.

Ok, back to the title, “White people are racist”.  Having been raised white, I see nothing controversial in that.  We have had 44 presidents, and only one of them is black.  The black one has taken more abuse and lies about his character than any other president I can remember.

As a whole, white people are racist.  Do I think they are the only race in the US that is racist?  Yes.

And, no.

Some people equate prejudice and discrimination with racism.  They are similar things, generally, but they are a little different.  You can have prejudice and discrimination without racism, but you can’t have racism without prejudice and discrimination.  I don’t believe that black people are any less prejudiced about white people than white people are about black people.  Back in the 70s, Norman Lear made it clear when he had Archie Bunker and George Jefferson.  Did George Jefferson like white people?  Not really.  There were ones he could tolerate once he got to know them.  And, that is how it is with much of us.

For some reason–probably fear–humans like homogeneity.   We are clannish and cliquish.  Whites feel safer and more comfortable around whites.  Blacks feel safer and more comfortable around blacks.  The same could be said for Asians.  Christians feel safer around other Christians.  Jews around Jews.  Muslims around Muslims.  Buddhists around Buddhists.  But, not only that, but even within sects within the same religion.  Look at Sunnis vs Shiites or Protestants vs Catholics or Orthodox vs Reformed.

I grew up in Michigan.  There were and still are plenty of prejudiced people.  My grandfather used to use the N-word all the time.  When we had to go into Detroit, my mother would freak out if there were black people around, and she would make us triple check the locks on the doors to the car.  I don’t remember ever experiencing any black on white prejudice, but  I have seen other prejudice.  During my post 9th grade summer, I worked as a dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant for $2 an hour cash under the table and a free dinner.  The owners used to say horrible things about black people and even talk about going places to try and provoke them with firecrackers and cherry bombs.  And, these were people who were a minority themelves.

Am I prejudiced?  Undoubtedly.  If I see someone of a certain race walking down the street in jeans and a t-shirt, I might be less worried about the white guy or the Asian guy.  I’d probably be most worried about the black guy.  I’m not saying it’s right, it’s just the way it is .  But, if we go further, and if I see a black guy in a suit walking down the street and I see a white guy in dirty clothes walking down the street, I am more likely to be wary of the guy in dirty clothes.  If I see a guy who looks like a businessman or a man who looks like a gang banger, who do you think I will be more wary of?

Back to racism… and not prejudice…

What makes white people racist is the institutional power that whites have–at least in this country.  We’ve had 44 presidents, and 43 have been white.  Look at the US senate and see how many are white.  Look at who are the CEOs.  Look at who is locked up in prison disproportionately.  Look at certain laws–like cocaine laws.  There are higher sentences for crack cocaine than powdered cocaine.  When they made the laws, who was using the crack and who was using the powdered?  If you said blacks and whites respectively…ding, ding, ding, you’re the winner!  Possession of one gram of crack is going to get you more mandatory jail time than one gram of powdered cocaine.  They are the same drug.

In my state, a state lawmaker was recently trying to get a ban of hoodies.  Now, who do you think he was targeting?

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