Cops are criminals…

Cops are criminals.  They are murderers, rapists, and drug traffickers…and some, I assume, are good people.

Does that bother you?  What if I say, “white people are murderers, rapists, and drug traffickers…and some, I assume, are good people.”  Does that bother you?  If that bothers you, but Trump saying similar things about Mexicans doesn’t bother you, then guess what?  You are a racist or a Republican–of which these days I can’t tell much of a difference.

Just as every cop is a criminal
And all the sinners saints
As heads is tails
Just call me Lucifer
‘Cause I’m in need of some restraint
— Sympathy for the Devil, Jagger&Richards

  1. Ex-Oklahoma deputy Robert Bates guilty of killing unarmed suspect
  2. Oklahoma state trooper accused of rape resigns
  3. Former Tulsa police officer’s corruption convictions upheld on appeal
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Victim blaming and the hypocrisy of white women

A month or two ago when that criminal Brock Turner got a slap on the wrist for sexually assaulting a woman at Stanford, I wrote on Facebook that I thought there were common sense things women could do to lessen their odds of being raped.  The woman who was raped was really stupid–she got blackout drunk at a college house party.  In my mind, that is a very foolish thing to do and I said so.  Yada, yada, yada…a bunch of people were incensed and accused me of “victim blaming” which is total bullshit.  Bullshit because I don’t excuse Brock Turner’s actions, and I think he should have the book thrown at him.

Now, let’s come to Terence Crutcher.  Some of these same white women say, “if he would of only kept his hands up and not reached inside his car, he’d still be alive. It’s his fault they shot him. He didn’t comply.”  In some respects they are correct.  If he had kept his hands up or laid on the ground, he’d likely still be alive.  However, they are also wrong and hypocritical.  Just because he did not keep his hands up and did not comply with the officer’s orders, it did not give the officer the right to kill him in the street.  The officer only has a right to shoot if his life or another’s life is in danger.

So to summarize, saying the attacker is completely guilty and that the woman could behave differently to lessen her chance of rape is victim blaming.  But, to say the shooter is innocent and the victim is totally to blame, is not victim blaming–it’s just simple logic to many racist white women.  I find that to be hypocritical.

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“Thug” is the new “N-word”

What has been more disturbing for me in the week since the Terence Crutcher shooting is following it on Facebook.  Social media is awful.  At least some people have been refreshingly honest by saying, “the only good nigger is a dead nigger.” Yeah, I actually saw that one from some poster in North Carolina or South Carolina.

But, what is more common than calling him a “nigger” is calling Mr. Crutcher a “thug”. It’s a respectable word white people can use instead of saying “nigger”.   Why is Mr. Crutcher or another black man a “thug”?  What, because he’s black?  White people say, “no, but what about his criminal record?”  Well, plenty of people were saying it before his criminal record came out. When people began saying it, all we knew about Crutcher was the videos and the police statement that he reached in the window–testimony that is now doubtful.

Well, “what about his drug use?  Doesn’t that make him a thug?” Do you call Elvis a thug?  What about Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings?  What about Willie Nelson?  Is he a thug?  Or, are they white?  Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson have criminal records for drugs.  Every famous person that has met Willie Nelson has a story about how much dope he smokes.  But, he’s white–so he’s not a “thug”.

Who’s the real “thug” in this story?  What about Betty Shelby? She is a person who shot and killed an unarmed man.  What is more thuggish than that? The Tulsa district attorney thought it was unjustified and filed charges.  But, no one will ever call her that.

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Al Sharpton Wants a Lynching

The Rev. Al Sharpton says that, “We demand immediate justice! There ought to be an immediate trial, and an immediate trying of the evidence, and stop the judicial stalling! Because justice delayed is justice denied.”  I’m surprised that Rev. Al hasn’t asked for the trial to be held under a nice oak tree where somebody has already strung up the rope.

Unfortunately for Al, there is a Constitution.  However, before all the right wing nuts get upset about this, they should look to the example of their leader, Herr Trump.  The Donald often makes outrageous claims and demands, and then backs off of them.  He wrote about it in his Art of the Deal book.  Sharpton knows a trial ain’t gonna happen next week.  However, he’s trying to make sure something happens.

The officer that shot Terrence Crutcher is entitled to a fair trial–even though she effectively denied Crutcher his Constitutional rights.  To be clear, from all the video I have seen, and I have watched all the available videos a dozen times each, I think the shooting was unjustified.  The man did not have a weapon and the officer’s lives were not in danger and neither was the lives of any civilians.  This makes the shooting unjustified.

However, I do not know why she shot him.  She might have mistakenly thought she saw a gun.  She might have gunned him down in cold blood.  She might have got rattled and accidentally fired off a round.  I don’t know.  That’s why we have trials.

The protestors are probably hoping for the death penalty.  They will be disappointed.  The death penalty is only for first degree murder.  I expect it would be almost impossible to prove first degree murder or even second degree murder.  To prove first degree murder, it has to be proven that she intentionally set out to kill a man that day.  Good luck proving that.  The next crime down is second degree, that the officer killed the man in the heat of the moment after getting angry at him.  It will probably be difficult to prove that as well.  It is a female cop, so the jury will be more sympathetic, and if it is a majority white jury, then she will be even more sympathetic.

If she gets tried, I expect it would be for some type of manslaughter.  I think that is the only charge that might be able to be reasonably proven.  She will have a good lawyer hired by the police union.  In that regard, she will have it much better than many poor black defendants.  There will probably be a plea deal.  Sharpton, the family, and the protestors will be deeply disappointed.  If it comes to that, she will likely get no more than 3-4 years.

That’s from the evidence I have seen so far.  There is still evidence we don’t know.  All the facts are not in yet.

And, that is why we have trials and not lynchings.  The officer is just lucky that she is not black, the victim isn’t white,  and this isn’t 50 years ago.  If that was the case, then she’d already be swinging in the wind.

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Birtherism and Trump’s Decision Making

Finally this week, Trump renounced his birtherism.  For most sane people, the question was resolved years and years ago.

In reality, it was a racist issue.  It was an attempt to delegitimize the presidency of Barack Obama, our first black president.  Even if he had been born in Kenya, he still would have been a natural born US citizen because his mother is a US citizen.  Except for Trump, none of the alt-right brought up the fact about Ted Cruz’s citizenship.  It was a non-issue to them because Cruz is white.

Obama provided his official certificate from the state of Hawaii and there are newspaper announcements from the time announcing his birth.  For most people, it was clear except with the right wing crazies and with Trump.  Trump kept insisting that he knew better, had a better source, and that everyone would be blown away when he revealed the truth.  We waited and waited and waited…  Finally, this week Trump admitted that Obama was born in the US.  Notice, the Donald did not say he was wrong.  He has a worse time saying that than did Fonzie if you remember Happy Days.

Now, it comes to Iraq, ISIS,  and the Middle East.  Trump says he is smarter than everyone about it.  He is smarter than the generals.  They are all idiots he says.  I guess he knows better about the generals just like he knew better about Obama.

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All Lives Don’t Matter !

Most white people don’t get it.  They do not understand why there is a Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.  Their response to BLM is “all lives matter” or “blue lives matter”.

I’m here to tell you that if you believe “all lives matter”, then you’re living in a fairy tale.

First consider, “blue lives matter”.  Of course they do.  Blue lives matter most of all–to the police, the ones enforcing laws.  And, that is what the BLM movement is addressing in reality.  That laws are not enforced uniformly and fairly.  If an officer is shot, the cops go berserk.  Soon as other cops get the “officer down” call, they drop everything they are doing and go to help their downed “brother”.  The police chief or mayor will authorize overtime and more cops on duty to try and catch a police shooter if he is not immediately apprehended.  If you or I get shot, will they do that?  Hell, no.  There are even laws on the book that makes assaulting the police a worse crime than assaulting a civilian.  So, yes, blue lives matter most…more than all lives and certainly more than black lives.

Next, let’s talk about “all lives matter.”  It’s sort of a response as “white lives matter too.”  Again, duh, of course white lives matter.  Is there a history in our country of blacks organizing, donning sheets, riding horses in the middle of the night, burning crosses, and lynching white people? … and getting away with it?  Hell, no.  But there is the history of the opposite.  There is a huge history of injustice in this country.  Blacks have been on the short end of the stick whether it was slavery or Jim Crow or spending on public schools.  When unarmed black people get killed by white people or cops, and no charges are filed, do you think history does not matter?  Does it not echo what has happened in the South?

“All lives matter…”  No, white lives matter.  Usually, rich white lives.  Is there a black Jon Benet Ramsey? Is there a black Natalee Holloway?  No one really gives a shit if a small black girl is killed or a young black woman goes missing.  And here, we are not even talking about the cops.  We are talking about the media.  And, the media usually gives society what it wants…and society just does not give a damn.  Many white people get incensed when they hear “black lives matter.” It’s a sad statement about our society.


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Next Stupid Thing — racism and the wall

Another meme going around is that Bill Clinton called for a wall in the 90’s and Trump calls for one now but somehow Trump is labelled a racist but Clinton is not.

Sure, if that is all there was, then it would be a fair meme.  But, that’s not all there is.  This person is a Buckeye and I’m originally from Michigan.  What if I was to say, “Buckeyes are murderers and rapists…and I suppose some of them, maybe (wink, wink) might be ok. Or what if I was to say, “Asians are murderers and rapists…and I suppose some of them, (wink, wink) might be ok.” ???

Trump isn’t being called a racist solely because of the wall.  There is a whole bunch of stuff, and even a long history of him and his father trying to force black people out of their buildings in NYC.  For the record, I don’t think his trying to kick black (poor) people out of his buildings is racist–just illegal and greedy. The people happened to be black, but he was just illegally trying to get higher rents.

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Lies Conservatives believe

Ever have one of those friends on FB that basically reposts every vile lie that they see on the internet?  I do.

One today was attributed to Ben Stein.  Maybe he said it or not.  I don’t know.  But, it said that illegal aliens can get free healthcare from Obamacare.  It’s a lie.  They cannot.  To be able to get free healthcare from Obamacare, you have purchase insurance on the exchange and then get a refund from the government.  Straight from the government website:

Undocumented immigrants aren’t eligible to buy Marketplace health coverage, or for premium tax credits and other savings on Marketplace plans. But they may apply for coverage on behalf of documented individuals.

I used to post responses from to idiotic FB posts, but no longer.  It’s not as if these people even care about the truth.  When I was a kid, repeating unsubstantiated lies was called gossip.  Now it’s called Facebook.

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Two Things to Know About the Clinton Foundation

I know some seniors that watch Fox News all day.  They even DVR O’Reilly and other programs so they won’t miss them.  Yes, they do not care about facts, and, no, it is not surprising to me that the wife has a mental illness which manifests in paranoia.

They watch Fox, so they are not interested in the truth–only the propaganda of the Republican party.

But I digress… This article is about two things to know about the Clinton Foundation.  It came about because the husband of the couple that watch Fox News all day told me, “The Clinton Foundation is one of the worst charities ever.  Only 10% goes to actually helping people.”  Yeah, he got that “factoid” either from Fox News or one of his conservative friends.

So, how is the Clinton Foundation as a charity? gives it an A rating. According to them, 2% goes to fundraising, and after overhead, 88% goes to program costs. also has an article stating where the Clinton Foundation money goes.

The second thing to know is that the Clintons do not receive any money from the Clinton Foundation.  Yes, they are board members, but they do not receive a salary or compensation from the Clinton Foundation. On their FAQ page, the foundation states that Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea receive no salary.  You say, “of course it does, they would say that.”  Well, the Weekly Standard did a hit job on the Clinton Foundation and looked at the IRS filings.  Guess how much the Clintons received in salary according to their enemy?  $0.  Yes, $0.

There might be other questions about the Foundation, pay to play, etc, that I do not address here and have no way to do a cursory research. But, in summary, the two things to know about the Clinton Foundation are:

  1. It is an A rated charity
  2. Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea do not receive any money from it
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“I look good…”

I think it’s funny when I hear certain women (of a certain ethnic group–usually) say, “I look good.”  Uhhhh…  No you don’t. Maybe you look as good as you can for someone as fat and as ugly as you are, but don’t confuse things.  Your best is not necessarily “good”.  I say that as an old ugly fucker.

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